Top 30 Most Famous Peloton Instructors – 2023 Updated

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top 30 most famous peloton instructors

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Peloton has over 58 active instructors in their 2023 roster, but have you ever thought about how famous they are? If so, welcome to our Top 30 most famous Peloton instructors of 2023. 

We understand that popularity is a very subjective topic, especially when we compare Peloton instructors of different ages and difficulty levels and even teach different classes. 

Because of that, we decided to create this “Top 30 Most Famous Instructors” chart based on Instagram followers.

Keep reading and find out who is the most famous Peloton instructor in 2023.

30. Camila Ramon – 142 000 followers 

Camilla is one of the few Peloton instructors that give her classes besides English, also in Spanish. She is focusing on cycling, stretching and strength training.

Her most popular Peloton class is a 5-minute Post-Ride Stretch. It has been played over 250 000 times since 2022 summer.

She motivates her students through positivity and focuses on helping them discover inner strength. 

Outside of Peloton, Camilla loves outdoor activities such as running and hiking. She values family and relationships between people. 

29. Hannah Frankson – 152 000 followers

Hannah Frankson is known for her energy levels and motivational speeches. She always finds a way to make you feel special, almost like you have a 1 on 1 training session with her. 

Her Peloton instructor journey started back in 2019. Her most active workout is 5 minutes Arms Toning, and it has been used over 550 000 times since 2020. 

Hannah lives in London, and during her spare time, she enjoys the city by walking down the canal or attending local entertainment events. 

28. Kristin McGee – 157 000 followers

Kristin McGee is a wonderful Peloton instructor. She is very good at making her classes accessible to all fitness levels without prior experience.

Kristin’s most popular class is a 15-minute class called Sleep Meditation, featuring Brian Eno’s music. 

She also has her own books, such as “Yoga Minibook for Stress Relief” and “Total Body Yoga.” It’s a good read and we recommend checking it out. 

27. Aditi Shah – 158 000 followers

Aditi Shah is unquestionably the most famous Peloton instructor who teaches meditation and yoga. She helped to launch Peloton Yoga and meditation classes in 2018.

Her most popular class is 30-minute Sleep Meditation, which has been used over 500 000 times since 2021!

Aditi is a very down-to-earth instructor. She believes that small steps make big changes, and there is no rush to achieve all your goals today. The most important thing is to try! 

She has climbed the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. 

26. Andy Speer – 158 000 followers

Andy Speer is a tread instructor who is also specializing in stretching and strength training. 

His most popular class is 10-minute full-body stretching. He believes that stretching is key to excellent form during exercises.

Outside of Peloton, Andy loves Muay Thai kickboxing and yoga. He also enjoys watching documentaries. 

25. Becs Gentry – 163 000 followers

Becs is another Peloton instructor who joined Peloton from England, London. 

Becs Gentry is 37 years old and she believes that being open-minded and showing her class that all of them have the same goals motivates people even more.

Outside of Peloton, she trains for her long-distance running events. Running marathons is her passion. 

24. Logan Aldrige – 164 000 followers

Logan Aldrige is one of the most famous Peloton instructors for many reasons. 

Logan has extremely strong willpower, and this is what he teaches to his Peloton class participants. He believes that we train our bodies to sharpen the mind and insist on taking challenges.

Outside of Peloton, Logan loves extreme sports and adventures in general. 

23. Rad Lopez – 170 000 followers

Rad Lopez’s sports career started with boxing, and he gained there most of his confidence and willpower to work on his skills. 

His hardest class is a 45-minute long session focused on building full body strength. 

22. Selena Samuela – 175 000 followers

Selena is by nationality Italian and since her childhood, she has been surrounded by sports activities.

After relocating to New York, she started training as an amateur boxer and at the same time teaching it.

Her most popular workout is a 10-minute Full Body Stretch. This training has been used over 500 000 times since 2020. 

She believes that people can push themselves every day by doing things better than yesterday. 

21. Rebecca Kennedy – 195 000 followers

One of our favorite tread instructors! Jenn Sherman is a former Nike master trainer who can lift your mood.

Rebecca has a background in gymnastics and track & field. From a young age, she chose her sporty lifestyle. 

Her favorite tracks are “6’s to 9’s” by Big Wild, Rationale and Drive (feat. Delilah Montagu) by Black Coffee and David Guetta. 

20. Jenn Sherman – 202 000 followers

Jenn Sherman has been a Peloton instructor since 2018. She can make every rider feel supported and encouraged to do a good training session. 

Jenn is an American and is considered a senior instructor within Peloton classes. She is very straightforward and prefers leaving the bulls**t outside the door. 

Her most popular workout is 5 min post-ride stretch which has been played over 500 000 times since 2021. 

19. Christine D’Ercole – 227 000 followers

Christine D’Ercole is one of the most titled instructors among the Peloton family. She was a professional track cyclist and won the world championship.

Despite her age, she is very energetic and encourages her class to achieve new heights. 

Christine actively uses her professional experience when it comes down to guidance and motivating her class. 

Christine is the one if you want to train under professional athlethe guidance. 

18. Adrian Williams – 228 000 followers

Adrian Williams is a Peloton instructor who is buffed, strong, looks mean, and funny.

Adrian Peloton’s classes are hard, but he leads a glimpse of humor in every workout. He believes that a joke makes things easier and more enjoyable.

Spare time he tries to appreciate small moments enjoys photography and cooking. 

17. Callie Gullickson – 229 000 followers

Callie is one of the most famous Peloton instructors ever. She joined Peloton in 2021. 

Callie is 37 years old and some people call her sunshine. She is very positive, energetic and has good charisma.

During her Peloton classes, she focuses on technique and emphasizes quality over quantity. 

16. Denis Morton – 233 000 followers

Denis Morton is a senior Peloton instructor. His career in Peloton started over 15 years ago!

His rich fitness experiences and knowledge of what motivates people to make his classes absolute bangers. 

Despite his age, he has over 233 000 followers on Instagram. He is definitely one of the most famous Peloton instructors out there! 

15. Chelsea Jackson Roberts – 244 020 followers

Chelsea is a Peloton instructor who focuses on yoga. Very special about her is that she has a Ph.D. in Educational Studies, where she studied positive impacts on the human body and mind.

Chelsea is one of the most famous Peloton instructors among yoga teachers. Her teaching style is very creative but, at the same time, easy to understand.

If you’re new to yoga and feel you need more confidence, then Chelsea is the right instructor.

14. Ben Alldis – 244 100 followers

Ben is not only the most famous peloton instructor but also one of the hardest peloton instructors out there. His hardest class is a 60-minute-long climb ride.

Ben loves to inspire people, and he feels blessed when he can change someone’s mindset.

Outside of Peloton, he enjoys participating in endurance events and traveling the world. 

13. Hannah Corbin – 248 000 followers

Hannah Corbin is a Peloton instructor that is well-known for her energy and motivational teaching style.

She helps people admire their strengths and find the inner strength to be better.

Her hardest training is 20 min long HIIT ride. Hannah also makes an accent on post-workout stretches. Definitely worth checking them out! 

12. Matt Wilpers – 256 000 followers

Matt Wilpers is notorious for his 20 minutes FTP test ride. Because of this class, he is the second most hardest Peloton instructor

Matt is focusing on building strength and endurance. He knows how to motivate his class and support everyone during intense workouts.

Matt enjoys long-distance runs and reading about fitness and business outside of Peloton. 

11. Leanne Hainsby – 323 000 followers

Leanne Hainsby is 36 years old and is based in London. She has a professional dancing background that grew into the fitness industry.

Her most popular workout is 5 min post-ride stretch that has been available since 2021 and has been used over 650 000 times. The satisfaction score for this class is 99.9%! 

Leanne has good taste in music, so you don’t have to worry about music choices during her class. 

Outside of Peloton, Leanne loves to dance and attend different music festivals. 

10. Olivia Amato – 432 000 followers

Olivia is one of the hardest Peloton instructors out there. She likes hard workouts and finds that the most motivating is challenging herself. 

Olivia Amato is a very talented person, as she has been doing professional boxing and cycling. The most interesting part is that she also has a finance degree. 

Olivia Amato has a very positive energy, and she looks really good. With 432 000 followers, she makes the top 10 in the most famous Peloton instructor ranking. 

9. Jess Sims – 468 000 followers

Jess Sims is another Peloton instructor featured in our Top 14 hardest Peloton instructors. Both her tread and strength workouts are one of the hardest ones. 

Jess joined Peloton back in 2018 and since that, she has been a favorite Peloton instructor for thousands of people.

Her most popular workout is 10 min full body stretch. This class has been played over 650 000 times since 2021. 

8. Jess King – 477 000 followers

Jess King is one of the most charismatic instructors. Her positive energy and passion for what she does are unique.

She is focusing on both tread and bike classes. Her teaching style fits most of the people as she structures her classes to be uplifting and full of surprises.

Being one of the most famous Peloton instructors brought her over 468 000 followers on Instagram. 

7. Tunde Oyeneyin – 568 000 followers

First Peloton instructor in this list with over 500 000 followers on Instagram. Tunde doesn’t have a typical fitness instructor background as she struggled for many years with her weight and self-confidence.

Tunde admits that fitness changed her life and opened many doors. She understands many people’s struggles. Therefore, she knows how to uplift and motivate her class. 

If you’re looking for one of the most famous Peloton instructors that can also rock your world – Welcome Tunde Oyeneyin. 

6. Alex Toussaint – 589 000 follower

Alex Toussaint has over 589 000 followers on Instagram, making him one of the most famous peloton instructors. 

Alex is known for his discipline and strong willpower from military school.

He likes to push his class to absolute limits as he wants all his class participants to approach a workout like professional athletes. 

5. Emma Lovewell – 620 000 followers

Emma Lovewell is a very versatile person who has been in the past professional dancer, working as a dance coach, fitness model and pilates instructor.

Emma was also a DJ in the past and her music choice during Peloton classes is just amazing.

Her most popular class is 10 min core strength; since 2019, it has been used over 4 million times! An amazing number proves that Emma is one of the most famous Peloton instructors.

4. Kendall Toole – 762 000 followers

One of the hottest and our favorite active Peloton instructors out there. Kendall is 30 years old, making her the youngest female instructor among Peloton coaches.

With 767 000 followers on Instagram, her classes are always very popular, but they are also one of the hardest Peloton classes

She is a beginner-friendly instructor who always encourages people to do something new and care for their health. 

3. Ally Love – 871 000 followers

The top 3 most famous Peloton instructor is Ally Love. Ally has over 871 000 followers on Instagram and influences people worldwide.

Her most popular workout is 5 min Cool Down Ride which has been used over 950 000 times since 2021. 

Ally is a certified health coach and founder of a fitness lifestyle brand, Love Squad. 

She wants her class to feel proud and uplifted during and after the workout. Outside of Peloton, she loves good food, karaoke and parties. 

2. Robin Arzon – 1 million followers

Robin Arzon is an RRCA-certified running coach and ultramarathoner. Her Peloton career started after she decided to finish her law career.

Besides being a Peloton instructor, Robin is also a VP of Fitness Programming and an author of a book called Shut Up and Run. 

She believes in harder workouts as the pride of hard work is an unbeatable feeling. The discomfort you experience during class is temporary, but joy and memories stay forever.

1. Cody Rigsby – 1.3 million followers

The most famous Peloton instructor is Cody Rigsby. He has 1 300 000 million followers on Instagram and is 36 years old. 

He has a professional dancing background and even danced backup for Nicki Minaj. 

Cody Rigsby also participated in Dance with the Stars show, where he finished third. 

Cody believes that during his workouts most important aspect is to have fun. Even if the workout is challenging, try to have fun and look at it positively.

His most famous class is the 5 min Post-Ride stretch and it has been played over 1 500 000 times since 2020. This class satisfaction rating is 99.9%.


The most famous Peloton instructor based on Instagram followers is Cody Rigsby. A big fan base definitely leads to the number of participants in every class. 

Even though popularity is important, we encourage you to try every single instructor. More instructors you will try out, the more understanding you get and start understanding what you like, what your preferences are and what kind of workouts you enjoy the most. 

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