15 Hardest Peloton Classes in 2023 – Rated by Difficulty

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Peloton offers 11 different exercise types that include over 6200 classes combined. All these classes are spread across 58 different instructors and have their own difficulty ratings. You can also watch Netflix on your Peloton while enjoying most difficult classes.

If you’re interested in finding the hardest Peloton classes, you’re in the right place. Keep reading.

15 hardest Peloton classes in 2023:

1. 10 minutes Kindness Meditation by Kirra Michel

Difficulty rating: 10/10

Probably not what you thought to be hardest Peloton class in 2023. However, a 10-minute meditation session can be very challenging due to the poor ability to clear your mind and focus on quietness and peace. 

This class teaches you how to discover inner kindness and how to share it with others. 

This class is rated 10/10 difficulty-wise with a 98,7% satisfaction score.

2. 20 minutes FTP Test Ride with Matt Wilpers

Difficulty rating: 9,82/10

FTP Tests are tough and some instructors squeeze you harder than others. 

Matt Wilpers combine his motivational speech with energetic dance music. Giving your absolute maximum during the FTP test is very important as it makes your further Peloton experience more personal and enjoyable.

Peloton members have used Matt Wilpers 20 min long FTP Test Ride class over 100 000 times, the difficulty is 9,82/10, which makes it the hardest Peloton class FTP Test ride. Total satisfaction is 98,7%.

3. 20 minutes FTP Test Ride with Denis Morton

Difficulty rating: 9,73/10

Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys, The Score and Godsmack – are these bands your favorites? If yes, you will rock your power zones. 

Denis Morton FTP Test Ride has been used over 300 000 times with a satisfaction score of 98,7%. The difficulty is 9,73 out of 10

4. 20 minutes Peloton All-Star with Alex Toussaint

Difficulty rating: 9,68/10

One of the hottest male Peloton instructors. Alex knows how to help you discover inner strength even when you think you’re on your limits. 

Total workouts of this class are over 150 000 times with difficulty 9,68 out of 10. This is the hardest Peloton class among all All-Star classes. The satisfaction rate is 98,8%. 

We recommend combining this class with Alex Toussaint Peloton All-Star Warm Up and Cool Down classes.

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5. 20 minutes Peloton All-Star with Robin Arzon

Difficulty rating: 9,63/10

Are you into female instructors that can push you very hard? Robin Arzon is the instructor you have been dreaming of.

This 20-minute long hardcore workout is rated 9,63/10 by its difficulty and satisfaction rating of 98,8%.

6. 20 minutes FTP Test Ride with Denis Morton

Difficulty rating: 9,58/10

Same instructor, same goal, but different vibe. This test ride was recorded in 2019 and has been among the most popular ever since.

The music choice consists of Outkast, Guns N’ Roses, Rage Against The Machine and D’Angelo. So pretty pumped-up music that makes you go even harder.

Total workouts have reached over 300 000 times, and the difficulty is 9,58/10

7. 20 minutes FTP Test Ride with Christine DÉrcole

Difficulty rating: 9,59/10

Get the most out of your FTP Test Ride with a professional track cycling athlete. 

Total workouts done in this class are modest – just over 50 000 times. However, we wouldn’t underestimate Christine and her experience. 

The difficulty is rated 9,59/10, and the total satisfaction score is 97,4%.

8. 20 minutes FTP Test Ride with Matt Wilpers

This workout was recorded back in 2020. It featured Lil Wayne, Post Malone, Tiesto and Meek Mill music. 

Even though this test ride is ranked 9,53 out of 10 on the difficulty scale, it has over 200 000 workouts on its name. Total satisfaction 98,6%. 

9. 45 minutes Tabata Ride with Robin Arzon

Difficulty rating: 9,52/10

The hardest Peloton class in 9th position goes to Robin Arzon and her 45 minutes of Tabata ride. 

This workout consists of a 9-minute warm-up, 35min of cycling and 1 minute of cool down. 

The Tabata ride features a two-on, one-off style. That means you will work as hard as you can for two intervals and then one for recovery. 

Total difficulty rated as 9,52/10 which makes this Tabata training officially the hardest Peloton class among Tabata rides. The satisfaction rate is a record high – 99,25%!

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10. 30 minutes Metal Ride – Kendall Toole

Difficulty rating: 9,47/10

Have you been looking for a Peloton class that features heavy metal? Congratulations! You have found your hardcore head-banging workout. Kendall is also one of the most famous instructors out there.  

This class is led by Kendall Toole and consists of a 4-minute warm-up, 25-minute cycling and 1-minute cooldown. 

The class is rated 9,47/10 by its difficulty and the satisfaction rating is 99,1%. Participants really love this class. 

11. 20 minute FTP Test Ride – Olivia Amato

Difficulty rating: 9,44/10

The class was recorded in 2020. Today it has over 100 000 total workouts done. The difficulty is 9,44/10 and the satisfaction rate is 98,2%.

The class features dance music by Calvin Harris, Avicii, Zedd and Axwell. 

Olivia Amato is a very energetic instructor who motivates her students through positive energy and motivational speeches. 

Olivia is also one of the hardest Peloton instructors. Based on our own research, she is ranked number 5.

12. 45 minute Tabata Ride – Robin Arzon

Difficulty rating: 9,42/10

Robin Arzon is already the third time on this list with another Tabata ride class. 

This class was recorded in 2019, has under 50 000 workouts and the difficulty is rated 9,42/10

The class plan remains the same, warm-up is 7 minutes, cycling 37 minutes and cool down 1 minute. 

Despite not being so popular class, the satisfaction is 99,4%. Definitely worth trying. 

13. 45 minutes Metallica Ride – Kendall Toole

Difficulty rating: 9,41/10

Metallica ride is pumped full of.. Metallica! Great class consists of 5 minutes of warm-up, 39 minutes of cycling and 1 minute of cool down.

It has over 150 000 workouts and is rated 9,41/10 on the difficulty score. 

Usually, the classes that are 45 minutes long are relatively easy, but Kendall Toole will always make it hard. 

If you’re a Metallica fan looking for Peloton hardest classes, you should give it a go! 

14. 45 minutes Tabata Ride – Robin Arzon

Difficulty rating: 9,31/10

A queen of Tabata Ride classes in Peloton. Her Tabata rides have been considered one of the hardest classes for many years. 

This class was done in 2019 and featured music by J Balvin, Queen, DJ Snake and Lil Jon.

The workout is rated 9,31/10 on difficulty score with a 99,5% satisfaction rate. 

15. 45 minutes HIIT & Hills Ride with Denis Morton

Difficulty rating: 8,8/10

Fourth time Denis Morton is featured in this list. Based on this information, he is one of the hardest Peloton instructors out there.

The workout is 45 minutes long and consists of an 11-minute warm-up, 33 minutes of cycling, and a 1-minute cooldown. 

Even though the difficulty score is 8,8/10, we promise that many of our readers will find this workout worthy of being listed as one of the hardest Peloton classes. 

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Conclusion on hardest Peloton class

In conclusion, Peloton offers over 6500 exercise classes and they all have different difficulty levels.

The hardest Peloton classes, as listed in the text, include 1 meditation class, multiple FTP Test rides, Tabata and HIIT classes.

Even though this list features several times FTP Test rides, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that different instructors affect your performance differently. 

All of the hardest Peloton classes are led by professional instructors with thousands of working hours and know what they are doing. 

Overall, we recommend trying different classes with different instructors as much as possible to find your favorite ones. Finding your favorite class with an instructor will help you keep motivated and achieve your fitness goals. Consistency is the key. Another recommendation would be inviting your friend to try Peloton with you as it will make almost every class more fun! If you wonder how to get your friend to try Peloton, read our article about Peloton gift card options.

Well-seasoned instructors lead all of Peloton’s hardest classes with high satisfaction ratings.

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