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peloton instructor age

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Peloton instructors are role models for many people, and their students admire them for their energy, physical form and personality. But how old are they?

The age range of Peloton instructors is between the early 30 and over 50! Despite each Peloton instructor’s age, they are all in great physical shape. 

We recommend trying every instructor’s class as they bring something unique and special to their classes.  

In this article, we will write about Peloton instructors’ age, their backgrounds, and what makes them unique. 

Peloton Instructor NamePeloton Instructor Age
Aditi Shah35
Alex Karwoski33
Ally Love37
Anna Greenberg39
Assal Arian31
Ben Alldis30
Bradley Rose37
Camila Ramon32
Chelsea Jackson Roberts44
Cliff Dwenger31
Denis Morton45
Erik Jäger38
Hannah Frankson38
Jenn Sherman54
Jess King34
Jon Hosking31
Katie Wang57
Kirra Michel36
Kristin Mcgee50
Logan Aldridge32
Marcel Maurer38
Matty Maggiacomo34
Mayla Wedekind32
Nico Sarani38
Rad Lopez34
Robin Arzon41
Sam Yo44
Susie Chan48
Tunde Oyeneyin37
Adrian Williams39
Alex Toussaint31
Andy Speer43
Ash Pryor34
Becs Gentry37
Benny Adami47
Callie Gullickson37
Charlotte Weidenbach50
Christine D’Ercole51
Cody Rigsby36
Emma Lovewell36
Hannah Corbin32
Jeffrey McEachern32
Jermaine Johnson42
Jess Sims33
Joslyn Thompson Rule45
Kendall Toole30
Kirsten Ferguson50
Leanne Hainsby36
Marcel Dinkins44
Mariana Fernandez47
Matt Wilpers40
Mila Lazar42
Olivia Amato32
Rebecca Kennedy33
Ross Rayburn50
Selena Samuela31
Tobias Heinze42

What is the average Peloton instructor age?

The average age of a Peloton instructor is 38.8 years old. 

Peloton instructors’ age may vary as the youngest are in their early 30s and the oldest can be over 50! Such variety gives Peloton fans a wide variety of instructors based on their personality, experience and background. 

This is a great motivation for those who think they are too old to start. Age is just a number and there is always time for a fresh start! 

peloton bike in the studio

What is the Peloton instructor age of the youngest female instructor?

The youngest Peloton instructor is Kendall Toole. She is 29 years old, and Kendall’s sports background is diverse, as she did cheerleading, gymnastics, dancing and even boxing. 

She motivates participants to break their limits and find inner strength in her Peloton classes. She combines hard training with very positive energy and rock genre music. 

Besides Peloton, she is an actress and speaker. She focuses on mental health topics and encourages people to discuss their problems. 

She also has an actress background. During her teenage years, she has been acting in the following movies: Little Canyon (2008), Hotel For Dogs (2009), Frat House Musical (2012), and Arcadia (2012). 

Kendall has 755K followers on Instagram.

male peloton instructor demonstrating his form

What is the Peloton instructor age of the youngest male instructor?

The youngest Peloton instructor is Ben Alldis. He is only 30 years old and originally from the United Kingdom. 

Ben believes people can change their mindset through his Peloton class and start believing in themselves. He inspires people that everything is possible. 

Ben has completed half Iron Man and several marathons and participated successfully in such challenges as 24-hour non-stop cycling and 24-hour non-stop running. 

Ben is very passionate about dance music, and his favorite track is Most Precious Love – House Gospel Choir. 

Ben has 243K followers on Instagram.

What is the Peloton instructor age of the oldest female instructor?

The oldest female Peloton instructor is Christine D’Ercole. She is 51 years old and an ex-professional track cyclist athlete. She has over 30 years of experience with sports. 

Christine has won several gold medals at the Master’s Track National Championships and is the only Peloton instructor with such awards. 

Her Peloton classes training structure is based on 20 years of competitive cycling experience. Christine motivates her students to go beyond their imaginary boundaries and achieve true potential. 

She believes that consistency is the key to success when it comes down to improving physical form. 

Outside of Peloton classes, she is interested in fine dining, cooking, photography and scuba diving. She still enjoys bike racing. 

Christine D’Ercole has 226K followers on Instagram and motivates everyone that age is just a number and it’s never too late! 

What is the Peloton instructor age of the oldest male instructor?

The oldest Peloton instructor is Denis Morton. He is 45 years old. 

Denis has an extensive sports background, as he played college football and did gymnastics. 

He motivates his Peloton class students through his personal stories and music. Denis’s main goal is to inspire people to go harder and achieve new milestones. 

Outside of Peloton, he enjoys outdoor sports such as surfing, snowboarding and hikes. He is also playing guitar and loves to travel. 

Denis has 232K followers on Instagram.

How do I search by the instructor’s name on Peloton?

You can search Peloton instructors by their name on the Peloton website or their app. 

Type their name into a search bar and you will be able to see what classes they are giving. Additionally, you can filter instructors by their age and the classes they give.

Once you find the instructor you like, click on their profile page and from there, you can access all their workout classes. 

peloton instructor age discussion

Are there any benefits to exercising with older instructors?

Yes, there are certain benefits to training under older Peloton instructor guidance. Due to their unique knowledge and experience, they can build more personal relationships with every participant. 

Other Peloton participants prefer to train with a Peloton instructor of the same age. They find it motivating as they see a real example encouraging them to reach their goals. 

However, it’s important to understand that age is just a number, and we recommend trying out as many instructors as possible. This way, you will be sure that you have found your dream instructor! 

Who is the most famous Peloton instructor in 2023?

Fame is a very subjective factor, so it’s hard to determine who is the most famous Peloton instructor. However, we have created a Top 30 ranking which is based on Instagram followers.

According to our own research, the most famous Peloton instructor in 2023 is Cody Rigsby with over 1 300 000 million followers!


Age diversity among Peloton instructors brings an indescribable advantage for Peloton users. Over 57 instructors with different backgrounds and own experience make their classes good in a good way. 

The average age of Peloton instructors is 38,8 years old. Young Peloton instructors are considered up to 35, while older Peloton instructors are over 45. 

However, the Peloton instructor age is not the most important when choosing a class. We recommend trying as much as possible different instructors and classes to find the best match. 

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