How To Connect FitBit to Peloton

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how to connect fitbit to peloton

For fitness enthusiasts, the union of Fitbit tracker and Peloton offers a truly enriched experience. Integrating these two powerful tools gives you comprehensive insight into your fitness journey. From heart rate tracking to sleep stages and workout intensity to recovery time, every piece of information becomes readily available and easily comprehended. However, synchronizing Fitbit app with the Peloton bike can be complex, primarily due to the variety of device models and software versions. This guide aims to simplify that process of how to connect FitBit to Peloton.


Before beginning, let’s address a few common questions: Is Peloton compatible with Fitbit? Which Fitbit models work with Peloton? Does the Fitbit Heart Rate Monitor work with Peloton? The answer to all these questions is yes. All Fitbit models with heart rate tracking capabilities can sync with Peloton, offering a seamless workout experience by displaying real-time heart rate data on the Peloton screen.

Step-by-step Guide

Here’s how you can connect your Fitbit to the Peloton App:

  1. Open the Peloton app on your device and navigate to the ‘More’ tab.
  2. Select ‘Health App’ under the ‘Settings’ section.
  3. Choose ‘Connect to Health App’ to sync your Peloton workouts with Fitbit.
  4. Select ‘Turn All Categories On’ to share all health data from Peloton to Fitbit.
  5. Confirm your selection by tapping ‘Allow’ in the upper right corner.

After these steps, your Peloton workout will be recorded and synced to your Fitbit account, helping you track your fitness journey.


Sometimes, you may need help with issues like your Fitbit device is not syncing with Peloton or not being discoverable. Here are a few solutions:

  • Ensure both your devices are updated to their latest software versions.
  • Check the Bluetooth settings on your fitbit devices to ensure they are discoverable and can connect.
  • Try restarting both your devices; sometimes, a simple restart can resolve most connectivity issues.

Getting More from Your Devices

To make the most of your Peloton App, ensure it is connected with the Fitbit to have your workout data in one place. You can also connect your health app to Peloton to sync all your health data and gain a holistic view of your fitness journey.

Fitbit vs. Other Fitness Devices

A common question among fitness enthusiasts is: Is an Apple Watch better than a Fitbit? The answer depends on individual needs and preferences. Both have unique strengths – Fitbit excels in sleep tracking and battery life. At the same time, Apple Watch offers a more comprehensive app ecosystem and advanced health features. Fitbit sleep tracker displays on fitbit dashboard sleep duration, whether you had restless sleep and overall sleep quality. Fitbit automatically sync advanced sleep analytics to the application, where you can see conclusive data about your health.

What comes down to cons of Fitbit, in our opinion, fitbit stress score and total calories burned can be sometimes a bit inaccurate. For example, Apple Watch provides more accurate data and works great with Peloton bikes and other equipment.

Wrapping up: Enhancing your Fitness Journey by Integrating Fitbit with Peloton

Fitbit activity trackers have revolutionized how we monitor our daily exercises and health metrics. With built-in features like a heart rate monitor, Fitbit devices offer real-time insights into our cardiovascular performance. These insights are seamlessly synced to Fitbit accounts, creating a comprehensive overview of our fitness journeys.

But the innovation continues; envision a future where completed workouts are tracked and analyzed to provide personalized recommendations. This is where Fitbit works its magic, transforming raw data into actionable guidance, helping users achieve their health goals more effectively.

As technology advances, we can anticipate even more remarkable features from Fitbit activity trackers, continually enhancing how we approach fitness and well-being. Connect your Fitbit to Peloton and analyze your future completed workouts!

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