How To Unclip Peloton Shoes When Stuck After A Workout?

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How to unclip Peloton shoes

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Unclipping Peloton shoes after a cycling workout is easy. However, many beginners might find themselves in a frustrated situation when they can’t unclip their shoes.

How to unclip Peloton shoes after a workout?

To unclip Peloton shoes, find the lever placed on the back of your shoe. Press down the lever and pull up your foot at the same time. This will help you take off your foot from the pedal. 

When you want to clip in your Peloton shoes again, ensure you find a secure fit before adjusting your cleats. 

How to unclip Peloton shoes when stuck?

Even though unclipping Peloton shoes is not a big deal, sometimes you might get stuck.

If you’re stuck, unclipping Peloton shoes can be tricky for beginners. 

Firstly, find a lever on the back of your Peloton shoe and place both hands on the lever. Now press down and, at the same time, pull up your foot. This might require extra force, so don’t hesitate to use your power. 

Before clipping in again, we recommend adjusting your cleats to prevent further problems with unclipping your Peloton shoes. 

Why can Peloton shoes be hard to unclip?

Unclip Peloton shoes shouldn’t be hard, but they get stuck when cleats remain too long after being clipped in. To fix this, loose the cleats while being off the bike. 

Tips for how to unclip Peloton shoes:

1. Always locate the lever on the back of your Peloton shoe first. Remember, pressing it down and pulling your leg up will get you unclipped.

2. Don’t hesitate to apply extra power when pushing down the levers if you feel stuck. 

3. We’re recommending double-checking your cleats from time to time by adjusting their tightness. This will prevent you from getting stuck and keep the whole mechanism working properly. 

4. When unclipping and feeling stuck, try moving your legs around a bit, as this can release the pressure and release your legs. 

5. Remember that cleats shouldn’t feel too tight or too loose. You should feel comfortable as this will increase your performance and security. 

6. Not all people are great readers, and we get that. For that occasion, we’re recommending you watch the other video. 


How do I make sure my Peloton shoes are properly clipped in?

Firstly, adjust the cleats by loosening them. Then place your foot on the pedal and press down the machine until you hear clicking noise. Make sure you feel comfortable. 

What should I do if my Peloton shoes still won’t clip in?

Most likely, your cleats are too tight. Loose up your cleats until you can place your feet. 

What to do if my Peloton makes clicking noises?

Peloton clicking noises can be very irritating, and people often think it’s completely normal. However, we assure you that your Peloton bike shouldn’t make any clicking noises. Read our comprehensive guide on how to find what’s making this clicking noise and how to solve it.

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